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long live agile. is agile dead?

Pick your favorite agile luminary. Chances are, this year they’ve been saying they’re done with agile. No more, after this year.

I’m not positive my list is precisely correct, but I’m thinking I’ve heard this from Rachel Davies, Brian Marick, Michael GeePaw Hill, Andy Hunt, and I’m sure more folks (though I hesitate to name names, in case I’m wrong).

At RubyMidwest, I asked Andy Hunt about this. I’m sure I wasn’t at all articulate, but what I wanted to ask was this:

“I get that agile has become mechanical, and that’s a bummer. But as someone who fell in love with agile pretty recently, I don’t want to lose the… agility? The emergent design stuff, the inspecting and adapting. When I hear y’all saying you’re done with agile, I wonder what comes next? What do you envison is the alternative?”

And even though I’ve gone round and round with GeePaw about this, I think Andy is the one who finally convinced me. You know what he said? He said that

agile was a solution to a problem. And that agile worked to solve a bunch of them. Whatever replaces agile, he told us, will be the thing that solves the problems we have now.

Holy crap. That was convincing.

It also meant I can actually love all the empirical, emergent, collaborative stuff agile brought us, while I head off into the future.


What do you think? Is agile dead? Do we keep preaching it, coaching it, putting on conferences about it? What do you think the next decade looks like?