This is old news

This is the page I put up in October 2010, when I was looking for a gig as an agile apprentice. It’s no longer active, but sometimes folks ask me questions, or some other reason comes up that I want to refer to it. So I’m keeping it here.

Hire Me As Your Apprentice

Is it weird that while I value clean code, I might value cards & animated collaborations & rerospectives a little bit more? — me on twitter

What’s in it for you? Here are some things you might not know about me.

  • I care about Agile and crafted code.
  • I’m an unschooler, through and through. I learn & share what I learn.
  • I ask interesting (hard) questions
  • I value honesty, empathy & fondness (also, part two)
  • I cut right to a clear statement of a problem or goal
  • I collaborate and make connections.
  • I quit programming in 1990 rather than continue writing ugly code made out of fear.
  • I don’t much play up my strengths or try to hide my weaknesses.

August 2010 to now: Independent Agile Apprentice

Studied and practiced things like TDD, pairing, four rules of simple design. Done katas alone and in pairs, always test-first. Refactored for expressiveness and no duplication.

Paired at Code Retreat in prison, at SDT Conference, with friends and at local events. I’ve written a little Ruby, Java, and sometimes J. I’ve attended Pillar’s Day in the Life of Agile workshop, and also had a few opportunities to pair on a real project, including working out how to break up story cards and how to create a clear, workable problem statement. I’ve also coached Agile principles and values along the way. Puzzled over challenges, explored principles in depth.


  • From 2006-2010 I was a freelance writer and editor, and web designer.
  • I was also a street chaplain. See
  • 1991-2005 I was home with my amazing unschooling kids.
  • In 1990, I was writing clean, beautiful databases and ugly programs to run them. I used Clipper ’88, a compiler for dBase & FoxPro.
  • In the ’80s, I maintained and hacked the heck out of a small business accounting system written in BasicA. Seriously.
  • I got an A in my Fortran ’77 class in college. Never touched it again.
  • I taught Computer Fundamentals and weird word processors to adults at Eastland and Fairfield Vocational Schools.

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