Cleveland Code Retreat!

I want to invite you to celebrate Global Day of Code Retreat with us on the LeanDog boat in Cleveland.

Where: 1151 Marginal Way, Cleveland, Ohio

When Saturday, December 3, 8:30 am – 5 pm

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Code Retreat
…programmers honing their craft together.

Code Retreat is a day of pair programming, working together in geek joy building beautiful code.

The focus is on the process of creation. For one day, it’s not about business value, not about hitting a deadline, not about shipping. It’s about squeezing all the juice we can out of collaboration, and creating the best code we can in the process.

Global Day of Code Retreat

Code retreat was created in 2009 by Patrick Welsh, Nayan Hajratwala, Gary Bernhardt, and Corey Haines. It’s grown a lot since then, and to celebrate, December 3 is Global Day of Code Retreat. Code Retreats will be held all over the world that day, including on the LeanDog boat.


Code Retreats are always free, but we need you to register. We only have room for 30, so we’d appreciate if you sign up.

Who is “we”?

Well, organizers are me & Zee Spencer. If you have questions, ask us. On the day of the event, you’ll have the help and guidance of two facilitators: Joel Helbling and Dan Wiebe. They’ll keep us focused, and help us find ways to create code we love.

What will happen

For a whole day, we’ll work in pairs (or triples) on a simple problem, and after 45 minutes, we’ll throw the code away and start again, with a new pair. Yep, to help us remember that our objective isn’t to finish, we’ll throw our code away four or five times during the day. But each time, we’ll learn something new.

Language & Tech

This Code Retreat is language agnostic. Generally, it’s recommended that folks work in a language they’re used to, because it’s about building skill, not getting an introduction. However, folks have enjoyed poking into something interesting, too. I’ve been to a few recently, and there was a lot of Ruby, some Java, and a sprinkling of other things like Scala and J.

Bring a laptop set up for the language you’re most comfortable in, and any pairing tools (extra keyboards, mice) you have available. (No one codes alone, so if can’t bring a laptop, don’t worry. There will be plenty.)


Geeks gotta eat, so good food is included. A light breakfast (paleo-friendly) will be provided between 8:30 and 9. We’ll code a while, and then break for a long, yummy lunch, too.

We’ll be done before dinner, but sometimes folks will get together after we’re done for food and/or beer at a local gathering place.

So… You coming?

Details are summarized here: details.

>>>Sign up here: SIGNUP.<<<

(If we can get permissions figured out, those two will merge soon…)

Hope to see you there!

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